Company Overview

Kouw Pinnq Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 1973.  It is a professional water purification equipment design and manufacturing plant with a variety of readily available tubing, fittings, EZ fittings, filter housings, filter cartridges, pumps and other components, complete units, etc.

In the four major operating cycles of R & D, mass production, sales, and after sales service, ’s management team has extended the product line from home appliances during the venture period to the supply of R.O. water system and complete sets of Reverse Osmosis unit parts and components.

With the increased demand among the domestic population for high quality drinking water, products have also begun focusing on function while simultaneously introducing European-American living functionality and integrating design with “fashion” to allow drinking water to not only be healthy but also elegant.  Thus, our skills and specialization has already become the best choice of consumers.

has passed international quality assurance system ISO-9001:2015 certification standards and international NSF certification which demonstrates ’s dedication to and guarantee of product liability.  On this basis, products, from raw materials to assembly and manufacture, testing, and completion and shipment processes, are produced by purification in consistent factory operations according to strict standards. Thus ensuring the best quality products.

Philosophy and Vision

For over 40 years, we have strived to practice our philosophy of “Letting Every Family Enjoy a Healthy Drinking Water Lifestyle with Peace of Mind” to ensure product quality and the health of consumers.

In the future, we will continue to create high value-added products from consumers through advanced core technologies and uniquely comprehensive product lines and move forward globally to become a renowned global brand.